Nguvu Health is announcing collaboration with Blueloop-C Flux ltd to provide mental health services for 500 Flux users in a quest to increase the health, and ultimately hit the financial goals of Flux users for 2022. The collaboration is slated for 3-month duration and its official launching to public, primarily Flux users and staff is February 14.

Redeeming the benefits of the partnership service will be available on the apps of both companies but therapy will be accessed through the Nguvu Health App. Flux current and past users will each receive a special update/invite via email this week containing access instructions on the 40% off coupon code.

For a period of 90 days after the launch, 500 users based on a first-come first-serve and severity of case after screening basis will have a 40% off (N3000 cost covered and N4500 balance to be paid by the user) to access video therapy, free mental health screening tests, a free monthly mental health informational session, free wellness tips and newsletters, and access to a professional therapist.

Both Nguvu Health and Flux’s software is cloud based. Hence, Flux staff and customers have access to an individualized version of their own account which gives them access to a dashboard where they can generate coupon code to be used on the Nguvu Health App.

According to Nguvu Health’s Co-founder and CMO, Juliet Odumosu, Nguvu X Flux intends to fill a gap created by mental health deficiencies in the goals development and implementation scope. “We’re very excited to provide our tele-therapy services to Flux starting February 14. There’s no better approach to helping Fluxers hit 10,000 goals by Q2 2022 besides first gaining mental clarity” said Juliet Odumosu, the CMO of Nguvu Health. Juliet went on to say, “Flux is very customer-centric, putting the customer above all other priorities. That’s why they’re mindful of partnerships in diverse sectors that promote the productivity and goals implementation of their users.

Indeed, mental clarity and health are the core drivers of effective goals implementation in humans. And, this can be seen in the effect of mental health on productivity, lifestyle and even finance decisions of many.

Nguvu Health was founded by Josh Koya, and co-founded by Juliet Odumosu and Tolu Ogunjuigbe in Lagos, Nigeria. Nguvu Health is a tele-therapy company offering easy, affordable access to therapy anywhere, anyplace, any time for Africans and Africans in Diaspora. You can learn more about Nguvu or Flux by visiting either of the two companies website at or



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Nguvu Health

Nguvu Health

An on-demand online therapy platform for Africans at home and in diaspora. We care about your mental health and well being.