On-demand Teletherapy Company, Nguvu Health To Drive Conversations — and Provide Support and Discounted Services On Mental Health Wellbeing To The CUALA Community.

Lagos, NG: Nguvu Health LLC, an on-demand teletherapy firm that delivers easy access to therapy and mental wellbeing for Africans — both locally and international — has formed a partnership with CUALA — Covenant University Alumni Association. Using free informational health and wellbeing seminars led by Nguvu’s Licensed Psychologists, and discounted mental healthcare services and support, conversation and support will be driven for the CUALA community.

People filling various responsibilities in a community can offer them a sense of belonging and purpose through improving the lives of others within community. However, for a community like CUALA to effectively reach its full potential, the health of individual units of the community cannot be overemphasized. Getting mental support encourages self-reflection, health in mind and body and determining what’s important to each community member — as a part of a whole — so as to find methods to connect with others within the community and achieve CUALA’s objectives.

This partnership is very important in fostering community connection, engagement, belonging, support and purpose to the entire CUALA community. For Nguvu Health, the partnership enhances one of its mission to drive conversations and right awareness in every community on the subject of Mental Health in Africa.

Josh Koya, Juliet Odumosu and Tolu Ogunjuyigbe co-founded Nguvu Health in Lagos, Nigeria in April 2021. Nguvu Health is an on-demand teletherapy company that provides Africans and Africans in Diaspora with easy, affordable access to therapy from anywhere, at any time. Visit the companies’ websites at to discover more about Nguvu.

Contact for additional information on the partnership.



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Nguvu Health

Nguvu Health

An on-demand online therapy platform for Africans at home and in diaspora. We care about your mental health and well being.